Top 100 homemade recipes for icecreams

Top 100 homemade recipes for icecreams

Everybody is familiar with various types of ice cream. Eating homemade  #icecream has its own joy. People have misconception that making #homemade ice cream requires a lot of special equipment and other ingredients. Obviously , this is not true. 

Ice cream made of organically grown fruits and home made milk ingredients can be part of our healthy kitchen recipes. Various types of Ice creams, Floats, Kulfis, Falooda & Sundaes can be made at home only , if you have a well-equipped modern kitchen.

And the most important, you should have homemade chocolate ice cream recipe, ice cream recipe vanilla, ice cream recipe strawberry, ice cream recipe mango and if you are more health conscious , you should look for keto ice cream recipe.

What is Icecream Float?

An ice cream float is a drink that has ice cream in either a soft drink or in a mixture of flavoured syrup and carbonated water. It is also called Soda in western countries.

If you are Indian , you must be familiar with Kulfis and Falooda.

Sundae originated in western countries , but now this global drink has got local flavour. The sundae is an ice cream dessert that is made of a scoop of ice cream topped with sauce or syrup. It has  many other toppings including chopped nuts, sprinkles, whipped cream, or maraschino cherries.

How to make basic ice cream?  You can also call it vanilla ice crem recipe. 

Ice Cream Recipe Ingredients:

  • Gold Milk ½ kg,
  • 8.5 Tbsp sugar,
  • 1 Tbsp cornflour,
  • 1 Tbsp G.M.S Powder,
  • 1/8 TSP Alginate Powder For Ice Cream,
  • 1 Tbsp Milk Powder,
  • 5 Tbsp heavy cream,


  • Mix all and take a boil
  • Cool in room temperature, freeze it.
  • After freezing add cream and beat it till become fluffy. This makes your Basic Icecream ready.

The Basic Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream is the main ingredient in all flavours and types of ice cream. The idea of creating a new Ice Cream recipe is limited to your imagination. You can literally have hundreds of combinations with dry fruits, fruits, syrups and other edible food items to create a new type of ice cream.

Ice cream Name and ingrediant to be added in Basic Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream Recipe

To make Vanilla Ice Cream, please add 1 Tbsp vanilla essence in the above Basic Ice Cream. This becomes your homemade vanilla ice cream recipe.

Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Recipe

To make All fresh fruits Ice Cream , add fresh fruit roasted pulp and then freeze it. It is fruit ice cream recipe.

Flavored Ice Cream Recipe

To make Flavored Ice Cream with crushes, after beating ice cream, add crushes and emulsion.

Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

To make Chocolate Ice Cream, in Basic Ice Cream , add 3 tbsp drinking chocolate powder, 1 tsp coco powder, 2 drop vanilla essence, 5 gm dark chocolate, caramel color mix it well and freeze it. After beating add chocolate chips on top and freeze it. This becomes ice cream recipe chocolate.

Anjeer Ice Cream Recipe

To make Anjeer Ice Cream, soak 10 pieces of dry an jeer in milk for 2 hours. Add in Basic Ice Cream and freeze it.

Butter Scotch Ice Cream Recipe

To make Butter Scotch Ice Cream , in basic add 3 to 4 drops of butter scotch essence and freeze it after beating. Also, add butter scotch granules, mix it and freeze it.

Rajbhog Ice Cream Recipe

To make Rajbhog Ice Cream, after freezing in basic add half tsp almond essence, 15 to 20 saffron patrons ½ tsp yellow color, cream and beat. After beating add chopped almond pista chips and set.

Shahi Gulab Ice Cream Recipe

To make Shahi Gulab Ice Cream, after freezing in basic add ¼tsp rose essence, ½ tsp red color, 2 tbsp rose petals, cream, beat and freeze it.

Cookie Ice Cream Recipe

To make Cookie Ice Cream , after beating chopped Oreo biscuits without cream mix it and freeze it.

Pan Ice Cream Recipe

To make Pan Ice Cream , in basic ice cream add mixture of 6 pan leaves, 4 table spoon gulkand and few drops of green color.

Caramel Ice Cream Recipe

To make Caramel Almond Ice Cream , after beating add caramel sauce, roasted chopped almonds and freeze it.

American Nuts Ice Cream Recipe

To make American Nuts Ice Cream, after beating add pineapple crush and all dry fruits, choco chips, cashew almonds, resins, jelly cubes and pineapple essence. Please mix it and freeze it.

Cassata Ice Cream Recipe

To make Cassata Ice Cream, divide basic vanilla ice-cream in 3 parts, add different flavors set as per instructions :

Mava Badam Ice Cream Recipe

Mava Badam- Add 1 cup of mava in basic after beating add roasted chopped almonds freeze it.

Sajan Sajni Ice Cream Recipe

Sajan Sajni – Divide 4 parts of vanilla ice-cream, set as per instructions. Pina Chips – After beating pineapple ice-cream add choco chips and freeze it.

Kesar Pista Ice Cream Recipe

Kesar Pista – In basic add 8 to 10 petals of kesar and freeze it in beating. If you need more flavor you can add kesar essence. After beating add roasted chopped pista mix it and freeze it.

Apricot Custard Ice Cream Recipe

To make Apricot Custard Ice cream One cup dried apricot, socked in hot water for 4 hours. In basic ice cream, 1 tbsp of corn flour replace with 1 tbsp custard powder. After beating add socked chopped apricot and freeze it.

Honey Strawberry Ice Cream Recipe

To make Honey Strawberry Ice Cream With Caramel Nuts, after beating strawberry , add caramel nuts mix it and freeze it and mix with basic ice cream. Pour honey on ice-cream in serving time.

Gulkand Ice Cream Recipe

To make Spices Gulkand Ice cream, in basic ice cream add pinch of spice powder and set it in beating, add gulkand and freeze it.

Cinnamon Coffee Ice Cream Recipe

To make Cinnamon Coffee Ice-cream, in basic coffee ice-cream, add cinnamon stick in it. Remove cinnamon stick before setting it. Beat as per instructions.

Coffee Walnut Ice Cream Recipe

To make Coffee Walnut Ice Cream , after beating coffee ice-cream ,add walnut, mix it and freeze it.

Coconut Ice Cream Recipe

To make Tender Coconut Ice Cream, in basic ice cream, add roasted coconut malai and coconut essence, then freeze it.

Nutella Ice Cream Recipe

To make Nutella Ice Cream, In a bowl take one cup nutella hazel nut, spread and microwave it to melt. Add 4 cups of rice bubbles and mix. In a spring form pan put butter pepper, spread in bottom for layer, then freeze for 15 minutes. In basic vanilla ice cream, add remaining rice bubbles. In pan put the ice-cream mixture on top cling wrap and upside down. Garnish it with ferrero rocher.

Peanut Ice Cream Recipe

To make Peanut Delight Ice Cream, after beating basic ice cream, add peanut butter, roasted peanuts and mix it and set it.

Fruits Ice Cream Recipe

To make Fresh Fruit Ice Creams , mix Strawberry, Mango, Litchi, Sitafal, Orange, black current, tender coconut, mask melon, water melon, pineapple, strawberry and other fresh fruits add as per your need in the Basic Ice Cream. So you have ice cream recipe mango, ice cream recipe orange , ice cream recipe strawberry and etc.



Is it possible to replace sugar in the basic ice cream recipe or vanilla ice cream recipe?

Yes. Sugar can be replaced with jaggery for making ice cream. Jaggery powder or granules available in the market should be used for this purpose. Jaggery milk ice cream is a very famous dish in the eastern part of India where people replace sugar with Jaggery. Here is a simple recipe for making ice cream with jaggery and milk:

Ice cream with Jaggery & Milk


Basic Ice Cream or Vanilla Ice Cream, which is made of milk, vanilla, thick cream and other ingredients is the main component in all other varieties of the Ice creams.  If anybody wants to be an expert ice cream maker, it is mandatory to master the art of making basic ice cream  that is plain vanilla ice cream. All other flavours of the ice creams are just the varieties with different ingredients and toppings.

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