How to grow broccoli at home in pots?


how to grow broccoli at home | growing broccoli in containers | Complete Video (Winter Vegetable)


Growing vegetables in pots is a great way to get fresh vegetables daily. A person should be ready to devote a  considerable amount of time to this hobby of kitchen gardening. Broccoli is very well suited to be grown in a pot. It is a cool weather crop that can be planted in late summer or autumn.

Broccoli as a edible vegetable plant

It is an edible green plant from the cabbage family. It’s stem and leaves are eaten as vegetables. It is either eaten raw and boiled as a salad ingredient or it is eaten as a part of vegetable soup. There are many vegetarian dishes where Broccoli stems and leaves are used as main ingredients cooked with oil. Broccoli has a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin K. The best way to cook Broccoli is steaming, stir frying or microwaving.

Getting Broccoli Seeds

In order to grow Broccoli, you need to first procure Broccoli seeds. Broccoli seeds are available at all plant nurseries in packets. There are online gardening and vegetable seeds stores where you can order Broccoli seeds online and get it delivered to your home. 


Broccoli Sprouting Seeds


Another way of getting Broccoli seeds is to get it yourself from your Broccoli plant or a fellow gardener who has planted and grown Broccoli. When Broccoli plants flowers, it also provides seeds as seed pods. The seeds are hidden in the flower pods that form after the yellow blooms “bolt” from the Broccoli heads. You can skip one season of harvesting of Broccoli to get flower pod seeds without consuming it.  These flower pod seeds can be stored at a safe place for the next harvesting season. Obviously, another method is to get the flower pod seeds from the fellow gardener.

Planting Broccoli Seeds in Pots or Grow Bags 

Broccoli Seeds


To grow broccoli, it requires a proper climatic condition like mostly winters or autumn. The ideal temperature required for Broccoli is 23 degrees to 27 degrees. It daily requires 1 to 2 inch water. A pot or garden container of 9 inch  to 12 inch should be selected with proper drainage.

Broccoli plant also requires very high nutrition value soil. The soil should be light, well aerated and must have good drainage properties. It also requires full sunlight and pH of soil must be 6 to 6.8. and  Generally when Broccoli is planted in a farm-field, there should be an ideal distance of 18 inch to 24 inch among the individual plants.

Since we are going to use kitchen garden containers or pots, it is advisable to plant one seed per pot or container. So we will be getting one stem of Broccoli per plant or container. If you are fond of using grow bags for your kitchen garden , one grow bag per stem of Broccoli plant should be chosen.


Top Broccoli Recipes For Healthy Living

We have compiled a list of top Broccoli recipes for your healthy living style. Almost all recipes are vegetarian and time-tested. Some recipes are internationally known and have been used from ages in different parts of the world.


Broccoli Sprouts

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