How to make the best homemade pesticide for plants in 2022?

We all want to grow our vegetables,fruits and flowers organically as general pesticides for plants available in the market contain dangerous chemicals and toxins that might enter our body in the long run.

But, how do we prevent our plants from insects and pests? They are not easy living creatures to tackle as their food depends on our garden plants.

Thanks to organically made homemade pesticide for plants, this is possible now. These homemade pesticides for plants do not contain dangerous toxins or chemicals that might enter our body through consumption or skin contact.

We just need to understand that instead of buying branded insecticides and pesticides from the market, we can prepare them with our homemade ingredients that we use in our day to day life.

First we need to prepare a spray bottle 

Just take a standard empty plastic bottle and clean it with water and liquid soap properly. We need a spray bottle trigger or spray nozzle that fits on the head of the bottle for that. You can purchase a spray bottle  trigger or spray nozzle  for bottle on Amazon on this link Spray Bottle Trigger.

In the market , ready-made empty bottles fitted with spray bottle triggers are also available. You can buy on Amazon on this link Empty Plastic Bottles Fitted With Spray Bottle Triggers

We can prepare following types of homemade pesticide for plants that can be used in the coming year 2022 to save money and make it economical to grow plants :

Neem Oil Pesticide For Plants 

Neem oil pesticide for plants is very easy to prepare at home as the ingredients required to make it are easily available in the market. We just need pure cold pressed neem oil, liquid soap and water to dilute it. 

Since in the market neem oil extract is generally available in concentrated form , we need to mix it with some antiseptic liquid soap and water to dilute it. After mixing and diluting , we can fill our spray bottle and start sprinkling it on the plants.

Pesticide For Plants Made Of Vegetables

Some veggies can be used to prepare homemade pesticide for plants because of their antibacterial and antiseptic properties. We can consider garlic, onion, jalapeno pepper and red chilli perfect for this.

We just need to prepare a vegetable soup with the above veggies mixed with some liquid soap. Some amount of water can be used to make it diluted so that it is easy to spray it. Just fill it out in a spray bottle and we are ready to go.

This solution is very effective to keep bugs, insects and pests away from our garden and it is perfectly chemical free and harmless to humans.

Vegetable Oil As Homemade Pesticide And Insecticide For Plants 

This one is very effective for aphids, spider mites and other crawly pests. We just need dishwashing liquid, cooking oil and water. We can use olive oil as a pesticide.

Olive oil is the best candidate for this as it has strong odour along with soreness and hotness.

It is very effective against the bugs that eat the leaves of the veggie plants and gives the look that they have been cut in a proper geometric design. It is absolutely harmless to veggie plants and humans. We can safely eat veggies after proper washing without bothering about contamination with oil spray to prevent them.

Garlic, Onion and Mint Spray As Homemade Pesticide For Plants

The main ingredients of this spray are garlic, onion, mint and cayenne pepper. The garlic clove and onion have highly antibacterial properties and they are most suitable for keeping any type of insecticides and pesticides away. Mint leaves also have antibacterial properties and cayenne pepper is known to kill all types of microbes and bacterias.   

We just need to mix it and prepare a diluted paste with water in order to fill it with our spray bottle.

Eucalyptus Oil As Homemade Pesticide For Plants 

Eucalyptus Oil is easily available in the market at pharmacy stores. In India, it can be purchased from reputed ayurvedic medicine stores. We need not dilute it before sprinkling Eucalyptus Oil. Diluting the Eucalyptus Oil will reduce it’s soreness and hence it will not harm fragile plant leaves and stems.  It can be filled in the spray bottle in limited quantities and can be sprinkled directly on plant leaves. 

Spray Made Of Chrysanthemum Flowers As Homemade Pesticide

Chrysanthemum flowers contain a  powerful plant chemical compound known as pyrethrum. Pyrethrum is used in many mosquito repellent liquids and incense sticks as a main ingredient to manufacture them. There are many other plants and flowers that repel mosquitoes because of their strong fragrance and aroma. You can find detailed information on indoor plants that repel mosquitoes here. 

The pyrethrum chemical compound is responsible for attacking the central nervous system of insects and pests and making them paralyzed. You will never find too many insects including mosquitoes and pests nearby chrysanthemum flower plants.

We can plant chrysanthemum flowers in our garden at strategic locations to drive away insects and pests. But that is another way.

Another way is that we make tea by boiling Chrysanthemum  Flowers in water and fill it out with a spray bottle. Once filled, we can start sprinkling on plant leaves daily and regularly. An extra dose of concentrated neem oil can be added to make it more effective. 

Salt Spray As Homemade Pesticide

The normal salted water can also be used as homemade insecticide and pesticide.This salted water is not only useful in keeping insects and pests away, but also gives added nutrients to plants like magnesium, phosphorus and sulphur.


The best homemade pesticide for plants can be made from the produce of our gardens only. Of Course, we need to purchase some ingredients from the market like liquid soap, cooking oil, spray bottles and spray nozzles.   

The advantages of homemade pesticide for plants are manyfold. If you are a vegetable and fruit gardener, you can rest assured that the vegetables and fruits are safe for your daily consumption. They will always be chemical and toxin free.